Device Renaming

Hello Home Assistant community,

I seem to be unable to rename my zwave devices.

I am running 0.47.0 with ‘new_entity_ids: true’. I go to the zwave tab and select my node, an ‘Aeotec ZW100 Multisensor 6 (Node:3 Complete)’. I type in a new name and click ‘RENAME NODE”.

My OZW_Logs.txt show ‘Detail, Node003, Notification: NodeNaming’ but I don’t see anything else that indicates a name change. The ozwcfg_*.xml file remains unchanged and if I select another node in the UI and then go back to Node003 it doesn’t show the new name.

As a disclaimer, I am running homeassistant/ozw in a container that I have defined. I am mapping the ozwcfg_.xml into the container and I can manually modify it from within the container. The permissions on ozwcfg_.xml for the sake of this debug are rw-rw-rw- both on the host and in the container.

I am not sure if this is an OZW, HASS or user problem. Any thoughts?

Thanks, //Rob

This seems to be working now. I don’t think the name changed until HASS was restarted. I thought I had tried restarting HASS before posting, but I suppose I made a mistake.

It only changes when Hass restarts and reads the name change…

That is a shame though, restarting my z-wave also takes “ages” to become ready and read everything. But it is better than it used to be, progress is steady.