Device Replacement (swap out) Wizard

PROBLEM: Light bulbs burn out. Switches and sensors break. I buy a new cell phone every few years!

SOLUTION: I want a wizard to replace an existing sensor with another one. The wizard needs to update / edit the exiting automations. It should replace the old device references / usage inside automations with the new device.

E.G. I have a rule turning a light bulb on 1/2 hour before sun-set. The light bulb dies. I buy a replacement. I want a way to replace / swap / exchange at the device level. This should;

  1. New wizard asks to backup the system.
  2. New wizard shows you a list of all automations it will update. It asks — Should I continue replacing old device name with new device name? [Y/N]
  3. Put the new device into the same room as the old device
  4. Update all existing automations to use the new device
  5. Remove the old device from automation.
  6. Move the old device to “unassigned” room.
    1. Bonus Points: HA asks the admin — Should Home Assistant delete device? [Y/N]
    2. Bonus Points: Rename new device name to the old device name

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