Device state not changing when leaving home

So I just installed and got the ios app all setup on my and my wifes phone. They both showed up in my interface, with the status of ‘home’. My wife left the house, and I watched her state, and it has not changed from ‘home’. I installed the app, setup duckdns, created a static ip, forwarded the port. I can access my from WAN. Am I missing something?

Did you click “enable location tracking” in the app?

I can’t find where to click that. In my app the ‘ios component loaded’ and ‘device tracker component loaded’ are both checked, whereas in her app, they are not. I can’t figure how to change that. I’m thinking that is the problem.

Did you enter the URL and password for your HA instance on her phone. I think HA and your iOS app need to ‘talk’ before some things are available.

After that she should get a device_id assigned in the app and below there (almost at the bottom of the settings page) there should be a “Enable Location Tracking” link in blue text.

Full disclosure: I have never setup tracking with the iOS app. I setup icloud tracking before the app was available and haven’t messed with it since.

yeah that’s all done. They are talking, and her phone is showing as a device in HA.

Hi, new to HA and wondering where / How to get the URL require to log into HA app on iPhone ?

Hey, I’m new to, but I managed to accomplish this. You have to set up the duck dns add on. Instructions on how are in this video:

Do you see “track: true” against the device in known_devices.yaml?

Also, what happens if you send a manual location update from the app?