Device that I've never owned keep reappearing

There’s a device present called Daylight, Philips, PHDL00 - integration deconz, but I do not own and I haven’t owned such a device. The device does not show up in deconz, unless it is the Virtual sensor Daylight sensor(?). I removed the entry a few times from core.device_registry but it comes back.

Maybe someone can shed some light on this, thank you.

There’s also anotehr device:
Unnamed device, unknown manufacturer, unknown model, integration deconz, that I can not seem to delete from the core.device_registry file. I think I’ve located the correct entry but it also reappears in the registry file.

As far as I know: Daylight is a build-in (virtual / software device)

So, does the virtual sensor appear as a philips sensor for others like in my setup?

I switched from decent to ZHA (and not going back), but I remember the sensor being Philips indeed. At the time I though it had something to do with my hue-set.

Disable it from the UI, otherwise it will continue to reappear. Home assistant needs to know about the device in order to hide it from you.

Yes and with the same model name PHDL00. And the “Unnamed device” is there too.

Thank you for the answers! I just let it be there now that I know what it is.