Device tracker and internet failure

We are a 2 person family - each one of us has a mobile phone and the HA companion app installed. We have set up 2 persons in HA, each person consists of 2 device trackers - one nmap (local) tracker, and one from the HA companion app (GPS) tracker. Everything works as expected until the Internet connection fails. The local trackers coming from nmap scans change their status to “away” but the GPS tracker does not as the HA companion app can’t push the location change to the HA server.
How can the “persons” change their status to “away” given this situation? According to the documentation, when one leaves the home, the GPS tracker has greater priority than the local tracker which in this case is… bad.

I’m curious why you’re using both nmap and the HA companion app?

If you’re connected at home, your HA app should detect that you’re at home because of your home Network Wifi SSID and therefore use the internal URL.

If your internet connection fails and you are at home, you’d still be connected to your home Network Wifi SSID and so you should be home.

If you’re not at home and you’re internet connection fails you should already be not_home and this cannot be updated by the HA app.

I guess I’m just trying to understand the benefit of the nmap tracker in this use case. I was using it when I didn’t have the HA app. I’m not saying you’re wrong to do it and I apologise as my answer doesn’t actually answer your question.


There is another corner case: you are at home and the Internet connection fails. When you leave the house the app can’t “tell” the server you left. So you end up appearing home although you are away. I was trying to fix this by using some server side detection hence the nmap thing.
Sadly it is useless - gps has a higher priority over other trackers so even though i leave the house and the nmap tracker sets me as away my person within HA is still home as the gps tracker was not updated due to lack of Internet connection.
I hope i cloud explain a bit what i am facing (and this happens rather often).

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