Device_tracker (asuswrt) started to ignore interval_seconds


I’ve upgraded my asus router (RT-N66U -> RT-AC86U).
I didn’t change HASS version (now: 0.102.3) alse didn’t check any components configuration except one: asuswrt change from telnet to ssh.

Overall device_trackers works but started to check the router every 13 seconds (default?). It seems that device_tracker started to ignore interval_seconds.

My config:

  host: !secret router_ip
  username: !secret router_user
  password: !secret router_pass
  protocol: ssh  # <- change from telnet to ssh

- platform: asuswrt
  interval_seconds: 60
  track_new_devices: yes

Any hints how to restore interval_seconds to 60 seconds?

Greetings, M

Anyone ???

Hi, did you solve this problem?