Device_tracker created new entity_id, how to add icon and friendly configuration back


So upgrading to 0.94 saw that my Owntracks know_devices entity_ids grew a _2 on the back of them, making them


This broke all my location configuration, with the help of @tinkerer on Discord he advised that I:

1) Stop HA
2) Delete the old entry from known_devices.yaml
3) Start HA
4) Edit the entity in the entity registry to remove the _2

Which I did and my device tracking is working again but now there does not seem to be a device in know_devices.yaml anymore and I am unable to edit/maintain a custom display picture and friendly name for the devices… so it looks ugly, how can I edit this?

Customize them either through yaml or the customize option in configuration.

that is really not helpful.

Customize what? I do everything in the yaml config files.


      device_class: family
      name: James
      icon: fas:brain
      picture: /local/images/James.png

Also I would either comment out or delete the known_devices.yaml entries for them as they will create a _2 for your device trackers.

yeah, I did already.

Thanks. I get you now.

oik, I have

  device_class: family
  icon: mdi:cellphone
  name: Jürgen
  friendly_name: Jürgen
  picture: /local/jurgen.jpg

but the picture no longer works, I just get a ‘J’ icon. It used to work.

ok, so I worked it out.

its not picture, its entity_picture.

  device_class: family
  entity_picture: /local/jurgen.jpg
  friendly_name: Jürgen pixel
  icon: mdi:cellphone

  entity_picture: /local/jurgen.jpg
  friendly_name: Jürgen
  icon: mdi:account-outline

and this works, my icons are back… yay!