Device Tracker Doesn't Work

My known_devices list is empty.

In my configuration.yaml I have:

# Discover some devices automatically
  - platform: mqtt
    track_new_devices: yes
      paulus_oneplus: 'location/paulus'
      annetherese_n4: 'location/annetherese'
  - platform: gpslogger

Doing an mqtt publish does not result in a device added, not does my gps loggger from my Android either.

I’m assuming Owntracks? Are you getting a connected state? are you pub/sub to the correct topics?

I know there will probably be an issue when known_devices is populated because I don’t believe you can have a ‘/’ character in name since it would translate into device_tracker.location/paulus

try changing the name first and go from there/

Just trying to get Tasker or GPS Logger (Android app) to hit HA.

The forward slash is used to denote the topic for the tree.

Thanks for the input - looks like no one else can help with this case …

Are you running a mqtt server or using an external service?