Device_tracker fails after upgrade to 0.67.0?

After I upgraded my Hassio HA to 0.67.0 for three times device_tracker fails and despite I was at home with my smartphone wifi and bluetooth activated it do not recognized me… and triggered alarm!
My Samsung S8 plus wifi was active and the router detected it… but for HA is was “not_home”.
Anyone tested it?

If you’re using the Bluetooth tracker there’s a known issue that will be fixed shortly.

I’m using both wifi and bt… but often my Samsung S8 plus deactivates them in stand by… despite I settled it to never deactive them.
But this is a different problem… my smartphone is ready and have wifi actived, if I connect to the router it show my smartphone online and with a IP assigned… but HA says it is “not_home”.
Until yesterday I have only few failures… becouse HA rarely fail on bt detection.
After upgrade to 0.67.0 for three time HA triggered alarm becouse it do not detect me both in wifi and bt.
is it just a strange coincidence?

There is no ‘WiFi’ device tracker. Presumably ping or nmap?

Any errors?

This is my configuration:

  - platform: nmap_tracker
    scan_options: " --privileged -sP "
    interval_seconds: 15
    home_interval: 5
    track_new_devices: no
  - platform: bluetooth_tracker

Now I added this…

  - platform: ping
    consider_home: 100
    scan_interval: 30

i have the same issue…

after upgrade my Hass not detect any device (bluetooth, google maps etc)

Known bug, also reported in 0.67 beta/rc.

Will be fixed in next release.
It should not have been released with the bug not fixed. Issues with device_tracker/precedence have often big impact as it brakes many automations compared to other small bugs that have small impact for users.

ok, with version 0.67.1 bt works again

many thanks

How to get that beta version?