Device Tracker Groups vs Same ID

I am having some issues with the response time of automations that use presence detection. I have iOS App installed on cell phones, zones setup and also use the asuswrt component as well, which also triggers “request_location_update” when a device comes back on the router.
I have had my automations successfully trigger a couple times but usually it is too late, like the porch light will only come on after I’m already in the house, etc…
My question is has anyone had better luck with just naming the devices the same name for both trackers, vs. groups. I am currently using groups but initially had the same device name for one item accidentally, but was afraid that would cause things to get flakey if my gps still had me marked further away and over-wrote the “home” status given by the router… any suggestions would be greatly appreciated… until i can get an iBeacon… which I’m assuming is going to be the most reliable method of home presence detection.

(also my radius is only set to 110 to keep my zone off a major street we may pass by regularly when not home or heading home, is this too small?)
PS: i noticed my home zone has an entry in both configuration.yaml and customize.yaml, customize only contains the name and radius… which location is correct?

Also having an issue with ONE iOS device never returning to home from iOS its like it will get an away location … been home for 30 minutes even one shot location doesn’t help still it shows her last away GPS location no matter what i do. Deleted ios.conf and known devices last night and re-setup all 3 devices figuring that was the issue.