Device_tracker hide_if_away


I have this warning in my log:

2020-02-09 16:30:13 WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.device_tracker] The 'hide_if_away' option (with value 'False') is deprecated, please remove it from your configuration. This option will become invalid in version 0.107.0

I searched all my files but I can’t find those lines.

Any idea?


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This option is normaly in <config>/known_devices.yaml

Thought this as well and removed those lines, still seeing the message though.

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Indeed, nothing in that file.


Getting the same error and my known_devices.yaml file is full of them but I am not getting that many warning logs.

I had the same thing, my known_devices kept showing up with hide_if_away: false, even after deleting the offending lines. Then I remembered my main configuration.yaml has it in the device tracker section:

  - platform: asuswrt
    host: !secret my_router_ip
    username: !secret my_router_username
    password: !secret my_router_password
    interval_seconds: 30
    consider_home: 180
      track_new_devices: false
      hide_if_away: false

Removing that last line, then cleaning hide_if_away lines from my known_devices file one more time fixed the problem for me. If you aren’t tracking a ton of devices… instead of individually deleting every single hide_if_away line from known devices, you can just delete all of the non-tracked devices wholesale, then remove the lines from the leftover devices that you are actually tracking.

I don’t have the line in my device tracker config but still see it for new devices that are added to known devices.

There seems little point in deleting this from the known_devices.yaml file as all new entries add it as standard

hide_if_away: false
mac: CC:50:E3:55:56:D2
name: cc 50 e3 55 56 d2
track: false

This was after a bit of pruning of this file last night. Until the default is not to add “hide_if_away: false” to known_devices I see little point in worrying about it.

It seems to me that once the hide_if_away has been placed on the known_devices.yaml it will not be removed.

Also, what replaces it? I don’t want a hundred devices appearing.

Yes, it’s the same with mine.
I had the same thing, my known_devices kept showing up with hide_if_away: false, even after deleting the offending lines.
I have a Ping binary sensor, and every time a new device is added, he will automatically add this property in known_devices.yaml.
I think this is a bug and needs to be fixed.

Well now that some time has passed, I’m seeing the same as everyone else; hide_if_away keeps showing up on me. I have to agree with baz123’s observation that once hide_if_away is placed in known_devices.yaml it will keep returning, and further there is currently no workaround for this. It’s clearly a bug in the device_tracker.

A while back I read a post on github where a dev (I think frenck) mentioned that this is a known issue. IIRC, when hide_if_away was originally deprecated, they removed it and that caused some more major issues. So they reverted some of the code temporarily; this is likely the cause of this strange behavior we are seeing. Currently they have to redo a lot of things to fix hide_if_away before it can be properly removed. Apparently, deprecating hide_if_away was more complicated than they thought originally.

Kind of a related question… Where is the known_devices.yaml file located? My iPhone device_tracker is showing up twice in HA, and the only way that I can apparently remove the duplicate is in known_devices.yaml. I just don’t know where to find that file. Help please?

Check under configuration/integrations for 2 or more versions of Mobile App and delete the one showing the oldest iOS version.

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Got it. Thanks!