Device Tracker History

I need to get the history of a device_tracker entity that is not just points on the map. I would love to be able to get the lat/long for a specific time period, also including the speed of the device at the time of the location being recorded.
I know the data must exist because you can show several hours of points on the map, so it’s getting the lat/long from somewhere, I would like to get that data myself, along with any other data that is stored.
In case anyone’s wondering, I struck a deer with my vehicle and would like to have the data as evidence in case the adjuster wants to try and claim speed was a factor, which it wasn’t since I was going right around the speed limit of 65MPH and the damage to the vehicle doesn’t support a “high speed” impact. I don’t need data from point of impact, just the last recorded speed before the incident.

So no way to get the history of a device_tracker out of the database?