Device Tracker Home Since / Away Since

I wanted to see something to represent when someone was home since or when someone was away since.

The way i ended up using it was a combination of custom ui card and then implementing momentjs for a easy way to show last seen (when they leave) and associated time (when they arrive). No matter what means of presence detection you have these attributes are present.

I am working on getting my github fully live with all my customizations but here is a quick howto to get it up and running so you get something like this.


  • add the section comment device tracker to your customize_blob:
  • copy all files in www/custom-ui
  • add the customizer section and frontend sections to your configuration.yaml file

Maybe I’m a bit off-topic but… are all your relatives happy being tracked so closely? My dad would be like “shut down that thing and mind your own business…” :roll_eyes:

EDIT: I’m looking at your github, nice stuff in there, thanks!

Lol, well its not tracking in the sense of like gps but more so just mac tracking on our wifi which is good enough to not auto arm the alarm or start changing hvac states if no one is home. But trust me i know wha you mean lol. They would be even more freaked out if they seen their pic on there

RE: to the github i am working on uploading my whole .homeassistant dir

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This is fantastic - thanks so much :slight_smile:
I notice in the github you also have your sensors showing when they last activated.

Could you share how you do that? Are then plain old binary sensors like mine?