Device tracker issue


My device tracker is going nuts!
It’s detected as home while i’m not home.
It’s an android phone. My wife has no problems with her iPhone.

What could be the problem?

Tnx in advance!

It’s the 14:10 mark time and the 17:44 mark time, the rest is correct.

So, i found out it is actually “person” that is causing the trouble. The device tracker is fine (see picture below)
But how can i solve this? If i click the badge in the frontend it’s showing person while the device that belongs to that “person” is device_tracker

Check it there is a second device assigned to the person

Yes there is. It’s my Samsung galaxy tablet. Should i remove it?

Yes. Otherwise it shows your person always at home if the tablet is at home.
Just assign the device that you have always with you