Device Tracker keeps adding all devices on home network to known_devices

I am using the fritz device tracker component with the following configuration:

- platform: fritz
  track_new_devices: no
  username: admin
  password: !secret fritzbox_pw
  interval_seconds: 20
  consider_home: '00:00:30'

Even though I added the track_new_devices flag and set it to no, the device tracker still keeps adding all network devices to device tracker, resulting in an extremely long list of device ‘badges’ on the home assistant home screen where the sensors are listed.

Any help fixing this would be appreciated. I tried clearing the known_devices.yaml file, only keeping the devices I actually want to track, but the component keeps re adding all devices.

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Here’s what I did: track_new_devices only works on the first platform in the device_tracker block so make sure it’s set there. I had it set in the second item in by device tracker list and it didn’t do anything. Then in known_devices.yaml, set track: false for all the items listed you don’t want to see. That at least fixed that kind of issue for me.