Device tracker MQTT not working ( solved )

I have 2 nut mini beacons, one in each car to know when we are home. A BLE scanner picks them up nicely and I want to forward the info to home assistant but it seems the MQTT device tracker is broken …

I’ve setup:

  - platform: mqtt
      car_tj: 'location/84C0EF47EE86'

But whenever I push “home” to the topic, I get nothing, status remains away? I’ve also tried to send:

  "topic": "/location/84C0EF47EE86",
  "payload": "home"

Any suggestions?

Pay attention to the topic: location/… is different from /location/…

yes, your right, but tried both already, still no go … my car never gets home :slight_smile:

I see you use both single and double quotes, try adjusting that.

Woah! that did the trick, I could swear I tried that, but after adjusting the single quote’s to the double in the topic configuration, my car finally arrived home! as did my wife’s …

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