Device Tracker No Longer works After Migration to HAOS

I was running an unsupported installation for a long time (Debian with a docker install) and finally migrated to HAOS appliance in VMware yesterday. Everything works great, except the nmap device tracker. Here’s my code from configuration.yml. I’m not sure how to approach this and fix it since I don’t know HAOS very well. Any suggestions? Thanks!

# Smartphones
   - platform: nmap_tracker
       - XX.XX.XX.31
       - XX.XX.XX.32
     consider_home: 600

That has been deprecated a few release ago. Nmap integration is now set up using the GUI. (Configuration → integrations → + add integration)

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Thanks, this solved it. Note: I had the config in my configuration.yml file AND the Nmap Tracker integration installed. I needed to remove the lines above from my configuration.yml file and also removed/reinstalled/reconfigured the integration. I’m happy to be on a fully supported and up-to-date installation now.