Device tracker not updated in second home

I have been using the companion app as my location identifier without any problems. I recently got a holiday home, set up HA there but the tracker never moves away from home. Is there any known problems or could I be missing something basic? Clearly if it works at one location and setting same it should work?

Make sure the server is remotely accessible check the companion app logs for errors

Thanks for advice, Yes its remotely accessable and no reeleavant errors. Frustratingly and concerning no response three days in from Nabu Casa. May need to terminate that account…

Apologies, Just checked the logs on the Companion App (was looking at HA logs on initial response). I logged into the second house. I am not sure what I should be looking for though.
I do see this however:
05-25 14:08:32.516 13702 13743 E LocBroadcastReceiver: Error receiving zones from Home Assistant

What’s the full error?

Shall I upload full log? If so how?
Thanks for help

Ive fixed it - It was the name of The Home. I called it something other than “Home” which was the problem. Thanks anyway