Device Tracker not updating status - Galaxy Tab A7

I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 running Fully Kiosk browser as an in-house dashboard.

I want to monitor battery status, so I installed the companion app to use the device tracker feature. My aim is to set up an automation to stop charging the tablet when the battery is 100%.

I am getting battery status reported in HA, but sometimes I don’t get any updates for 20 hours or so.

If I switch to the Companion App, battery status is updated immediately.

When I run the app on my android phone, it’s status is always kept up to date.

Any clues?

Perhaps Fully Browser on the tablet is blocking the Companion App in some way?

more than likely the app does not have proper permissions to run in the background on the other device, make sure you grant proper permission and the app has access to run in the background (disable battery optimization), every device is different so you’ll need to figure out what you need to do for samsung devices.

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