Device Tracker, position not updated

I’ve just noticed that, since yesterday, HA isn’t able anymore to update the position of the trackers associated to the members of the house.
The only change occurred yesterday is that my Nabu Casa subscription is expired but I don’t see a real link in between.
Anyone already experienced a similar issue? Thanks.

If you don’t have any other means to access Home Assistant remotely, your phone can’t update the location as it can’t connect to Home Assistant when you are not home.

I’m connecting via VPN to my house but seems like isn’t working anyway.

And this did work before when the Nabu Casa subscription was still valid?
Did you also connect through VPN when yoi had Nabu Casa?

Yes I was used to do that when subscription was still valid.
I’ve just found a way to address the problem turning off/on the GPS on my mobile, in this way it gets the position again, but honestly not really a solution. The only thing to do is to pay the subscription I believe.
Thanks anyway for your answers.

Or setup DDNS with duckDNS or similar and use this.

This sounds like you only turn on VPN when you access HA, not all the time? If that is the case, then you’d need to be lucky that at the time you connect to HA your location gets updated. Would also explain why it works when you turn on/off gps while connected through the VPN, as this will “change” your location.

I suppose that to do this opening a port on the router is mandatory. That doesn’t really excite me.

Well, from what I noticed when I activated the VPN on HA app I was still appearing at home even if I wasn’t. Turning off/on the GPS on the mobile made the trick, but maybe was a matter of time and I could get an update position just enabling the VPN.

Here happened the same, after cancelling my NC subscription, my device tracker stopped working, and i’ve acess to my HA thru Duckdns, my iphone HA app is updating my location, but my HA instance isn’t recieving any info