Device_Tracker presence detection automation help

I’m new to home assistant and am attempting to set up multiple device presence detection using device_tracker and OpenWRT (I realise this can be problematic due to devices falling off the network during standby but am curious to see if can be made usable). However I’m having trouble with the automation. For the time being I’m only trying to get a single device presence detection just as proof of concept - the problem I’m running in to is that the automation does not seem to trigger even though it shows the device as away in the logbook. Below is the trigger configuration - any help would be greatly appreciated.

entity_id: device_tracker.'host name'
event: leave
platform: zone
zone: zone.home

I’m not sure if the openwrt tracker creates leave events. You could instead try to use the device tracker state for the automation. (From ‘home’ to ‘not_home’).

Of course. Thank you. Will try that. That would explain it.