Device Tracker/Presence detection going crazy

My presence detection for my Hassio setup is very unreliable, constantly flaking out, thinking I’m entering/leaving my home non-stop. Sometimes it happens multiple times a second. I setup a custom input_boolean to track my home status instead, and setup an automation to only update the input_boolean if I’m “not_home” for 15 seconds. This helps not having multiple updates per second, but its still triggering thinking I’m constantly entering/leaving.

I am using the iOS Device Tracker Component as well as nmap_tracker. I also tried increasing my home radius to 200 and it still happens… I’d prefer to not go much larger than that. The latitude and longitude is correct and encompasses my entire home in all directions by quite a bit.

Is there any more reliable way to do presence detection? And/or a way to correct mine from constantly going so crazy?