Device tracker shows

i see a lot of devices with showing up.
how to remove them?

so after digging deeper, i look at this file via command: sudo nano /home/homeassistant/.homeassistant/known_devices.yaml

i see a bunch of name with but with different mac addresses. started manually delete them but i wonder how this occurred and how to prevent in the future.

hide_if_away: false
mac: 80:1F:02:DA:6F:0E
track: true
vendor: Edimax Technology Co. Ltd.

Leave the entries in known_devices.yaml, but change the track: to false.

What tracking component(s) do you have enabled?

i configuration.yaml, i have this verizon router tracker

  • platform: actiontec

it tracks mac or ip address?

currently this works for me:
hide_if_away: true
mac: 28:27:BF:3F:25:8D
track: true
vendor: Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd

but would this work using your suggestion if it tracks via mac address?

mac: 28:27:BF:3F:25:8D
track: false


They’re tracked by their MAC.

The MAC address should be what is being tracked. You can change the name to anything if you want, but if you are going to set tracking to false, then you should not need to do anything else.

I just looked at the device tracking page ( and it looks like you may be able to add default settings in your config.yaml file so that when new devices are discovered, they are ignored. You can always go back and set specific devices to be tracked later by editing their entry in the known_devices.yaml file.

  track_new_devices: false
  hide_if_away: False