Device Tracker Stopped working

I currently have 2.0.0 (60) installed on one of my ios devices and the device tracker stops working after a server restart. I’ve completely wiped the device from my HA and uninstalled and reinstalled the beta app about 10 times. Also, device tracking is set to true. This is what happens:

  1. start up hass and install fresh copy of beta 2.0.0 (60),
  2. Configure ios app so it registers properly with my HA.
  3. HA sees the device and gets captured in the knows_devices list and shows status including source_type: gps.
  4. I restart HA and the status goes to not_home and never changes. The source_type shows null.
  5. I tried restarting several times to see if it would change the source_type back to gps but it never changes from null.

I have another device on beta 2.0.0 (58) and that is currently working just fine even after restarts.

What if you pull to refresh on the web view?

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Ok i restarted several times after pulling to refresh and that seems to have fixed the issue. thank you!

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