Device_tracker stuck at "home" Zone indefinitely while respective device geocoded location is somewhere else

My wife just got a new mobile phone. Her phone’s geocoded location sensor is very precise.
However, the respective device_tracker just stays stuck at our “home” zone. Her device tracker should show her “work” zone (per her geocoded location),



I just checked \config\.storage\core.entity_registry its a big mess with 4-5 different varieties of the same device IDs with different names. I noticed that for many of my devices.

Is it possible that core.entity_registry is causing this issue? If so, what is the easiest/quickest way to redo this file with only concise/correct device information. Can I just execute ha core stop in putty, delete core.entity_registry, then run ha core start for the file to be re-generated cleanly?

If core.entity_registry isn’t causing this issue, what else could it be and how do can I fix it?

I’m having the same problem. Have you made any progress in fixing it?

Dan, mine eventually went away on its own. I didnt have to do anything luckily.