Device Tracker - Tecnicolor [Thompson]


I’m a newbe in Home Assistant and in Home Automation in general and started by looking at what I have around and trying to integrate it.
I’ve looked at the forum and on the internet regarding my issue but could`t find anyone with a similar problem.

One of the first thing HASS did in its first run was detect my router’s (Technicolor TG784n v3) LAN running services and plotting performance information about them.

I then tried to make it expose more information from it namely the currently connected devices. I configured the Thompson (The device was previously known as Technicolor) device_tracker settings as the documentation stated. That’s where I stumbled upon a scenario where I need some help.

After the configuration and the needed restart, the running logs showed that the device could not be reached. By the logs (and confirmed after following the path the the python scripts) the access is being done using Telnet but my router does not have telnet active. It only has ssh (using a deprecated and dubious encription but still more secure than telnet) but could not find any configuration that would allow the integration of the router.

The router is a ISP provided to allow Voice, Internet and IPTV, therefore messing with the setting is not supported, so to speak.

From what I understood from the scripts, the information extraction methods are the same, only the acess method difers.

Is there a configuration add-on that does this?
Is there a way to build a ssh wrapper around the Thompson device tracker to enable the same funcionality?

Thanks for any additional information you can provided.



Did you ever get this sorted as I have the same issue but mine does not even support ssh only http?



No. I tried to build the ssh wrapper around the thompson add-no but was not able to make any advances in it before my ISP retired my Router and replaced it by another brand. I was lucky enough with that device and it was compatible with HASS.