Device tracker traccar: Error "The see service is not supported for this entity"


i have setup the traccar device tracker using the traccar server method.

  - platform: traccar
    username: !secret traccar_username
    password: !secret traccar_password
    ssl: true
    port: 443
    event: ['all_events']
      track_new_devices: true

In the home-assistant logs i see the folowing error:

2023-08-30 07:27:36.221 ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.device_tracker] The see service is not supported for this entity device_tracker.XXX

I get this error every minute and it seems that home-assistant is not using the device tracker information due to this error. The listed entity can also not be found using the development view.

Does one of you have any idea whats going wrong?

Same question here. Have you found a solution?

No i didn’t. Sorry.

Just installed this integration for my existing Traccar server and am seeing the same for two of the three devices.

One of them is reporting okay, but two aren’t. It’s very odd.

I spent a little time looking at this and believe I have resolved it - at least for me.

@foxcris and @walta - do you by any chance run the Life360 or similar tracking program?

Delete that (Life360 no longer works with HA anyway - disabling is not sufficient) and restart HA. The Traccar mod should start working and this error stops appearing every minute in the logs.

Reason - at least for me.

Both mods create entities based on the name of the device. So for me, I had

device_tracker_simon, device_tracker_othername, device_tracker_name3

In traccer, but the first two already existed from the Life360 mod. So for me, only name3 appeared, which I’d never entered in Life360.

The traccer integration mod appears not to check whether an entity already exists before creating it (this may be a HA limitation), and I believe that’s what generates this “See service…” error.

The traccar integration is still a very old “legacy” tracker. It has very limited capabilities when it comes to the entity ID that will be associated with a “seen” device. If that entity ID has already been used by another integration, traccar gives up.

So, you need to somehow avoid this conflict based on what other device_tracker entities are being created in your system. If the ID traccar wants to use is identical to one from another integration, and that other integration is newer (i.e., not “legacy”) and registers the entities it creates in the registry, then you can go to the Settings → Devices & Services → Entities page, find the conflicting entity, click it, go to its settings (gear icon) and change its entity ID to something that does not conflict with traccar. Then traccar will be happy.

Or, if you don’t need/want that conflicting entity, get rid of it (e.g., delete its integration, etc.)