Device Tracker Unifi doesn't discover new devices

Hi All, i’m facing a problem. i succesfully installed home-assistent only i’m trying to get the device tracker ‘unifi’ working.
in my cloud controller i see 1 succesfull login from at boot home-assistent (even when HA is running for hours i never see a new login)

only i never see any new devices appear or (manually) configured devices in known_devices.yaml apearing to home does anyone have an idea why device tracking isn’t working

my unifi configuration:

  - platform: unifi
    host: unifi.FQDN.TLD
    site: site_id
    port: 443
    username: HA_USER
    password: HA_PASS
    interval_seconds: 60
    track_new_devices: True

can somebody help me ?

I just added the Unifi component and I’m having the exact same issue you describe. Did you ever figure this out? There’s no errors in the Home Assistant logs.

Ha! Ask and ye shall receive I guess. I gave the docs another thorough reading and this time the part about time sensitivity caught my eye. I checked my Unifi controller server and sure enough, NTP had eaten poop and died without me noticing and the time had drifted by about 11 minutes. I kicked NTP’s lifeless corpse to get it back on it’s feet and get the time sync’d, then bounced the Unifi controller for good measure and POOF all my devices are discovered. I didn’t even have to restart HASS.

Thanks random internet stranger from 9 months ago! You were an inspiration!!

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That helped a lot