Device Tracker Vodafone Station / Easybox

Hey there,

I am very new to Home Asstant but I had the problem that there was no integration for my Router and NMAP was very unreliable for me. Since I changed my contract, Vodafone (Germany, BaWü) gave me a new Router which is called “Vodafone Station”.

I had the problem that first of all I don’t have much experience with Python and secondly I think they made a good job securing the box so I couldn’t find an easy way for making an API.

In my special case, I have a Chrome-Browser on my Raspberry always running (Kiosk-mode), so I made a small Javascript-Userscript that can be installed in Tampermonkey.

Can be found here.
What it does is basically you keep an Chrome-Tab open where the script loggs in and sends the device-information directly to Home Assistant via the service device_tracker.see. It is not very comfortable as it can not be configured like other device-trackers so that it doesn’t track new devices or something similar. But the result is pretty good, it works very reliable.

I know it probably won’t help most of the users but I thought it could help somebody that has Chrome running anyway (could also work with chrome-headless).