Device tracker with android companion app - status home

Dear all,

it’s me again with some silly question.

I have the following issue - I have the android home assistant app installed on two android devices.
When I look on the device_tracker status they are always set to “home”, even if I’m not at home. I set the home location/zone in Home Assistant and assumed it would automatically see that I’m not in my geo-location “home” any more.

I assume I need to teach my app that if the home zone is left to change the status.
How do I do that? I searched the forum but did not find an answer.

The target is to identify if my wife and I are at home / not at home and to run some automation then.

I initially thought I need to check the wifi status being mobile device connected to my home wifi, but I was not able to get this done in a way that HA understands.

Thanks for your support!

The app has a sensor that shows what wifi you are connected to.

Does the GPS data show that you are “not home”?

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Hey Hellis81,

thanks a lot for the feedback! I think I know my issue.
My App is not connected when I’m not in my home WiFi to the Home Assistant. The issue is that my provider uses some DS Lite (Daul-Stack) therefore I’m not able to access remotely to my HA instance. The push notifications will come through but I guess the GPS data is not passed to HA.

I think I have to try home assistant cloud… And check if that works…

Push notifications are handled via firebase which is why they are able to reach your device. In order to receive sensor updates from the app you need your instance externally accessible or you can use nabu casa which should handle sending it back with the remote feature.

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Yes I will try nabu casa - I have the issue with DS Lite - therefore I can’t make my HA instance externally accessible (e.g. via duckdns). Thanks a lot for the feedback!