Device_Tracker with TP-Link


i’m totally new to Home Assistant and to the hole Python thing, but i like it so far.
However, i ran into an issue:
While configuring my Led light to turn ’ on’ when i (My Samsung s7 edge) come home.
I enabled this by adding (and ofcourse i put in my router values):

  • platform: tplink
    host: YOUR_ROUTER_IP

in the configuration.yaml

But home assistant only sees my phone when i’m connected to the 5Ghz band of my wireless router (TP-Link archer C7)
Only then it changes the state of my phone to ’ Home’
On the 2.4Ghz it keeps standing on ’ away’

Currently, i’m running it on an RPI 3 with version 0.58.0, while connected to my wifi (the 2.4Ghz band)
I also tried by using an ethernet cable in my rpi, but still, it doesnt recognice my phone on the wireless 2.4Ghz band

Any ideas?