Device Trackers and track_new_devices

How does track_new_devices: work?

I have this:

  # Bluetooth
  - platform: bluetooth_tracker
      track_new_devices: false

But all newly found devices have their entry in known_devices like this:

  hide_if_away: false
  mac: BT_00:1E:AE:XX:XX:XX
  name: N8054
  track: true

You might have missed this statement on the Device Tracker doc page:

However device tracker will only look for global settings under the configuration of the first configured platform

Do you have multiple device_tracker platforms defined? If so, you need to specify track_new_devices in the first device_tracker platform in your configuration.

Ah, so I can’t track on, say Life360 but not on Bluetooth?
It’s all or nothing?
That’s a shame but not a big deal.


You can track or not track any entity you like (by editing known_devices.yaml.) You just can’t set the default for new devices per platform.

Yes that is what I am doing and why it’s not a big deal.
It would be nice to have a little finer (automatic) control though.

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