Device trackers not available

I’m having some trouble with the device tracker; it is not working. I can’t find the device among the entities, nor mine or my wife’s phone. I’ve have turned on notifications for zone entering and exiting and that works as expected.

This the payload that is being sent from the phone.

Ios component is loaded, notification is working as expected.
I have nothing in my logs that suggests any error.

Anyone has any idea what could be wrong?

Hi Anders, fixed your issue? I’ve experience the same, my device isn’t updating the device_tracker component with the new Beta app

Yes, i found the solution. It’s a bit embarrassing :slight_smile:

I forgot to enable the devices in known_devices.yaml.

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Thanks, #metoo:flushed: :shushing_face:

Good afternoon, tell me how to register a device_tracker in the config if I have a sensor.geocoded_location sensor?

Your device is noted in known_devices.yaml with an ID(?). Set track: to true and your device_tracker is showing up :slight_smile:

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give an example code))