Device tracking always at home

I am trying to get the person card to work.
I setup the mushroom person card.
but my whole family is always home.
i installed home assistant on all phones and share location is always on.
but still every one is home always what am i missing

thanks for the help…

type: custom:mushroom-person-card
entity: person.arno
name: Arno
fill_container: true
secondary_info: state
primary_info: last-updated
icon_type: entity-picture
layout: vertical

but my whole family is always home.

Tell them to leave the house. :smiley:

But, seriously…
Settings → People → [select person]

Under the person ( Select the devices that belong to this person), are the devices they have on them associated with the person? For example, the tracked mobile?

If nothing is associated with them, HA will not know they are home or left.

For example, in my house the router WiFi tracking of their device name is in there. A bit sluggish, but works.

Yes all persons have a device that is tracking them…

in the app i have HA to always share location not only when the app is used and i gave it permission to use the phone.

no idea why it isn’t working

also strange in the card it is saying updated an hour ago… (they left an hour ago),
but when i click on it and i see the map it is saying 2 days ago.

how does the homeassistent app know to send it’s data to where.?

i think that is my problem

needed to get the duckdns up and running… that was the problem