Device tracking based on HASS app fails

Hi there,
I’m trying to setup presence detection in my house. For the moment I use the phone. I use 2 options:

  • router based - this options does report whether a device is connected or not
  • HASS app based - this incorrectly always reports as being home. This also blocks the possibility of geofencing.

How can I have the HASS app report presence correctly?

At the moment I have no external access to my HASS set-up.


There you have your answer :wink:

Posting in the general Zigbee section you might want to start by adding details on which implementation for Zigbee, which Zigbee Coordinator, Zigbee Router devices, and which Zigbee presence sensor used.

Presence detection is be done via Device Tracker integration with compatible implementation/devices.

Right. Thanks!