Device update (Z-Wave)


I’m looking for information to do firmware update of Z-Wave devices.
I’m using HA with RPI4 and docker (so I don’t use hassio), and Aeotec Z-Stick Gen 5 as controller.
First, how can I see the firmware version of the Z-Stick Gen 5 ? I see the application version of the Fibaro modules (FGRM223 Roller Shutter and FGSD002 Smoke Sensor) but not for Z-Stick Gen 5.

I would like to do a firmware update for the Fibaro modules and maybe for the Z-Stick.
Is it possible to do devices updates :

  • via HA
  • or is it necessary to do it outside HA and this case : only with a MS Windows PC or I can do it with linux ?

I’m a beginner with HA so I’m sorry if these questions have been asked before (but I’ve not found).

many thanks for your help,

You would have to use the Silicon Labs PC Controller software in Windows. HA (OpenZWave) does not support firmware updates.

There are no firmware updates for the Z-Stick.

Do you actually possess firmware upgrade files for your Fibaro devices? I have always heard that Fibaro will not give out firmware files. You must use their controller to do updates, or send in your devices to them. In that case it won’t be possible even with the Windows software.


I use the “Z-Wave” module from HA, not “OpenZWave”.

I’ve asked for info on forums from Fibaro and Aeotec. I’ll see …
For the moment, I havent’t any upgrade files. All links I’ve found are not good now (the articles are old, for ex. (in french) .

If we have to use the Fibaro controller to do updates, it is a very bad news.


Both the zwave and ozw integrations are based on OpenZWave. OpenZWave does not support firmware upgrades, thus neither can HA.

So, we have to upgrade outside of HA.
It is not a problem if the the config (device, scenes, … ) are conserved for the upgraded device.
@freshcoast: many thanks for your replies.

I want to update a Fibaro FGS-212. Did you find a solution?

Can’t the newer zwave-js perform firmware updates now?