Device was added insecurely - how do I fix?

Updating post - I figured out how to exclude and then re-add light switch but it keeps giving me this same error - can someone help me with how to fix this so that I can add it securely?

Some of the light switches I’ve added (these are z-wave light switches) got the following error when I added them to Home Assistant:

I’ve excluded and re-added the switch. I’ve tried resetting the switch and re-adding. But keep getting the same error. Any ideas?

These are z-wave light switches like Honewell UltraPro.

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Had this same problem, literally just kept on excluding and readding until it worked properly

I think I want to just re-add the whole z-wave hub at this point (I only set things up tonight) as there are so many problems at this point. But some of my devices (I’m guessing these are the older light switches?) I can’t for the life of me get to exclude… have you found anyway through HomeAssistant’s UI to exclude devices (as opposed to having to do it at the device itself)? Thanks!

You put the device into exclude mode then in ZWaveJS etc select the remove device and it will remove the device in exclusion mode (I’m sure theres hundreds of YT videos on it)

Hi there. If you’re getting that error, it doesn’t mean anything especially bad. It means that your controller (USB stick or whatever you use) and device both support security, but for whatever reason they have not negotiated a secure connection. In practice, this means that the device will operate faster (no encryption = fewer data packets and less processing power / time) but not in a way that’s detectable to most humans.
The devices will still operate perfectly normally.
Many people seem to recommend only bothering with encryption on things like door locks and other security-specific devices, and that recommendation makes sense to me.

To exclude a device in HA (looks like you’re using Z-Wave JS) you go to Settings / Devices / then “Configure” on Z-Wave JS. Under “Diagnostics” is “Remove Device” - click this, then follow the Exclude instructions for whatever device you have. Often, excluding a device requires the same steps as including it.

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Update on this, I went through and changed most of mine to be non-secure, seems secure z-wave really struggles unless you have literal perfect signal - combined with Openzwave driver.

So I wouldn’t worry to much unless you really need security (i.e. locks etc)