Devices compatible with ble_presence

I’m working on a Bluetooth locker for my door
I have tested some devices for unlook but all have random address (iPhone, Garmin watch, Android tablet, etc.)
can you suggest me a compatible BLE keychain tested and working like filo, chipolo, tile, etc.

I know is not a safety way, pubblic adress is clonable but I’m not able to find alternative for iPhone.


I know it’s not what you are asking for but have you thought of using RFID instead of BLE? I guess it depends on how close / far you want it to work from…

The operative range of BLE is perfect for me, nothing to take from the pocket. If it were possible to use smartphone it would really be keyless door.

Have you looked at using BT as oppsed to BLE? You can use BT natively on a Pi, and it also works with an iPhone.

The raspberry where HA run is very far to ESP32 where run the BLE presence detect connected by LAN cable. I wouldn’t want to change this architecture.

has someone tested ble devices like chipolo, tile, etc. with the ESP32 ble presence detect?
someone use this (for example)
Tanks MArco

I have tried to use Tile’s with , and while it works, it is a major PITA to identify the BLE Mac address for the Tile. It takes a lot of guess work to ensure you are getting the right device.

No way… I have budget cippolo, I test it but no pubblic address…
Probably OT but…
I thing with: pairing, bonding, PRA (private resolvable address) or I don’t know. is possible convert random address to pubblic but I not able to do it… I tray to study BLE… very complicated.