Devices for sale

It would be nice to have a board dedicated to selling/buying home-assistant related hardware.
Who’s in? Moderators?

I have floated the idea before and the answer is no. We don’t want the legal or administrative hassle.

Advertising your items for sale elsewhere (Tindie, etsy, eBay, etc…) and posting the sale link here however is ok.

Sounds good! Thanks :slight_smile:

Where would be more appropriate to post?

In this category.

Note: this is not meant as authorisation for commercial spam.

Small hobby enterprises and offloading unwanted second hand home automation related items only. e.g.

Tom_L’s second hand unwanted automation device ebay sale :white_check_mark:
Tubes Zigbee routers and coordinators :white_check_mark:

Tom_L’s bric-a-brac garage sale :x: :x:

Totally agree with these rules.

I meant in the Social Category as a new topic, not this topic.

Sorry. Will fix.