Devices Found by rtl_433

I connected a RF receiver and installed the rtl_433 addon + Mosquitto to detect Acurite temperature sensors. Those have worked fine but I’m trying to figure out what the other detected devices are. The closest house to me is 480ft. So I guess it’s possible that some of their devices are being detected? I’m just wondering if some of these might be embedded in other appliances / devices that belong to me and/or just play with the config to see if there are more sensors.

  • Oregon-CM180i - This appears to be related to an energy meter, but the only sensor that it picked up was a battery sensor. How would one configure HA to find the other sensors?
  • Oregon-SL109H - This seems to be a Temp/Humidity sensor, but all of the ones ive purchased are Acurite.
  • GT-WT02 - Also looks like a temp sensor.
  • DSC-Security - No clue. I don’t have a security system.
  • Springfield-Soil - No clue. Says it has a temp sensor, but doesn’t seem to change the reading.

I am picking up the Oregon-CM180i as well and would be interested if anyone knows how to pull data from it.


Hi Dave,
your message is a bit old, did you get an answer? I’ve found that OpenMQTTTGateway (that I run on a LILYGO T3) often reports Oregon-CM180i stuff around me.

I just assign all my neighbors sensors to an area I call neighbor and then promptly ignore them. and no, I haven’t gone down that rabbit hole (pulling data from my neighbors weather station) as I need to decode my own sensor data which is difficult enough.