Devices in different subnet


I had to “re-do” my network because I had too many sensors etc.

So I figured I would set it up nicely with a different subnet, for different things. However some types of devices (for example dch-s150 motion sensor) when in a different subnet does not respind to pings or anything. In the same network it will. It is not a network issue, a phone or laptop in the same network can be reached/ping like usual.

any ideas why that is? is it “fixable” ?



You need to expand your subnet mask if you want to be able to ping them.

I am using a Cisco router and switches (2900-2960s) and for example wemo devices behave as expected as do others. What do you mean by “expand subnet mask?” on the device?

For example I have a sensor in /24 ( and can’t ping it or anything. I have some wemo devices in /24 (also and that just works as supposed to.

Its possible the device is so craptastic that it doesn’t support a default gateway; therefore what your attempting to do might not be possible. It’s been a while since I’ve seen something like that, but they exist.

To double check, you do have a router configured within each of these VLANs as the default gateways’ to route traffic?

Actually, there is a setting on it that shows a default gateway (and it is the correct one I set in dhcp). Also, (it’s an IP camera) it boots using DHCP, and that server is not in the same subnet either, However it does use that dhcp server, and I see it renew dhcp leases.

Yes, I have a router with all the vlans. Actually, if I stick a laptop in the same subnet, or a cell phone, using the same dhcp pool, they just work like expected. So the VLANs and subnets are ok.


Your subnet mask on the device you wish to ping from will only be able to see those devices within the /24 subnet range. As you are changing the 3rd octet for diff the different subnet ranges you will need to have your device for pinging over all of those subnets you can achieve this by changing the subnet. Masking from /24 to /16

That’s not how subnets work and that’s not how ping works. You can ping servers on the other side of the world across multiple subnets and routers.

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Subnet’s has become an issue with version 0.109.x of hass, have a look here:

Yeah, there’s a lot of misinformation on this thread. Confusing a broadcast domain and multicasts for a subnet, for one.

If anyone (like me) finds this thread, ignore everything here and read this :