Devices lost connection in Deconz

Hi there!

I’ve got a conbee and i am using Deconz with it. A couple of times now it has lost connection to its devices.

Is there any way to get this functional without adding each device again?

When you say “lost connection”, do you mean from deCONZ or Home Assistant? For example, can you go into Phoscon and turn the lights on/off, but not in HA? If you’re just referring to the signal strength lines, that’s fairly normal (see here), although most/all of the powered (yellow) ones ought to be there.

The most common Conbee issue is having it plugged directly into a device, where it is impacted by interference. Putting it at the end of a USB extension cable fixes this.

I cant operate them in Phoscon, they are greyed out there. I am using an extension cable for the conbee and i have had connection to all devices before, then suddenly alot of them are not reachable.

You can try changing wiresss/zigbee chanell not to interfere if there are close to each other see here
What firmware version (phoscon/deconz) do you use
What firmware is on the stick?