Devices Not Responding

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Hi all, was just wondering if I could get some pointers on how to troubleshoot an issue. Just installed HA in docker on my QNAP and installed HomeKit Bridge. I got my devices into my Home app but they almost instantly go No Response. If I reload HK Bridge the devices go online and then a couple mins later they go again.

I have QNAP -> docker
iOS 14
UniFi AP and I disabled the enhance IGMP3 option or whatever it was

Got the same issue. HomeKit bridge on HA docker. Filtering on lights only at the moment. All lights are active and working in IOS Home app then after a few mins show “No Response”. Reload the HK bridge and exactly the same.
Haven’t noticed any errors in HA,
Any ideas?
HA v0.116.4
docker image
iPhone, IOS 14.

Hey, so my issues were actually my managed switch having igmp snooping enabled. I disabled it and everything has been working super smooth.
I also started with docker but quickly transitioned to bass.Io vm

Thanks. I’d seen this in the HA documentation for the HomeKit integration but there’s no way of disabling this on my broadband router (Virginmedia SuperHub3). There are reports in the Virginmedia forums of other products (not related to HA, HomeKit or even Smart home related) having issues and also putting this down to IGMP Snooping but Virginmedia support say their hubs don’t do anything with IGMP snooping hence why there’s no settings to enable/disable it.

One thing occurred to me is my HA is connected over wireless (RaspPi) and Home App on my iPhone obviously connected wireless. I was wondering if this is related somehow to wireless networks but not sure what.

I thought also maybe the docker container config might be the cause but my HA container is running on the HOST network (so has direct network access) and not on the docker bridge network.

One other question (which isn’t related to the “No Response” issue).
When you add HA to the IOS HomeApp Is suspect it finds it on the local network. What happens when you leave home and and connect back to HA externally?
Is the HomeApp aware of this?
I haven’t got this far as yet due the the “No response” problem.

This is going to be one of those forum replies I hate but have you considered replacing that virginmedia thing with your own router?
Sadly I think you’re just going to have to poke around and see what possible setting are in there and just try anything I guess. I dunno, I haven’t had a single issue since finding that igmp thing and I’m on my phone as well so it’s all wireless.
To answer your last question, I actually have an old Apple TV 3 which I setup as a gateway for HomeKit a long time ago. To my surprise when I leave home I still have access to all my HA home kit stuff and I’m pretty sure it’s cause of the Apple TV cause I didn’t setup any kind of remote access stuff anywhere.

Hi, just thought I’d let you know. I found somewhere in another thread that someone just power cycled their broadband router and it fixed the issue for them. I couldn’t see why this would solve the issue but I gave it a try anyway, So I removed the configuration from HA and HomeKit, rebooted my router and re-added everything.
It has worked faultessly since then !!
Who would have thought it :smile: