Devices not showing in rooms

Hi all,

I have HA up and running since a few weeks. Whenever I used to add new device (e.g. zigbee) they would be added automatically to the main overview. Today I added new zigbee devices. They are not showing up automatically in de the main view. But there is another issue as well. I have multiple rooms, like kitchen, bedroom… Whenever I add a device to a room, it’s not showing up in that room in the overview. I have no clue where to start with this.

My way of changing a device to a room is to go either to the entity or device, select the gear and change the room.

Not sure about the first issue.

In relation to the second issue, do you mean ‘areas’ rather than ‘rooms’?

Yes. My translation might be of a little bit.

Edit: I found the problem. Apparently HA is not “in control” of the overview anymore. Same thing happens when you create a new dashboard. How can I give HA control back on the overview/main view?