Devices not updating battery level issue

I currently have 6 devices in my z2m (sonoff, Xiaomi, ikea), 4 of these have the battery grayed out, 2 work. The ones that do not work are 2 ikea switches (1 E1743, 1 E1524/E1810), 1 Xiami cube and 1 sonoff temp sensor (SNZB-02).
The only 2 that do work are my sonoff motion sensors (SNZB-03).
I have tried to remove and reinstall them many times in the z2m ui already. I have tested all the batteries and all are good.It should be said that I did remove the battery on each attempt as well. I did noticed that the one battery that was slightly down would sometimes show as such when reinstalling the device but it still did not update the battery meter and showed greyed out. Very weird behaviour.
Is there something i can do to get these to report the conditions?