Devices not visible in front-end

I’m in the process of migrating my setup from a Raspberry Pi to a headless Ubuntu server. I have installed it with the “pip3 install homeassistant” command. I’m not using the virtual environment, nor the AIO installer.

I have set up both openzwave and open z-wave control panel, and both seem to work.

My issue is that when I open Home Assistant, many of my devices are not visible although I can still control them through HA. In the attached window, as an example, I am missing two z-wave devices and an MQTT dimmer under the “Living room” group. These are not visible, but if I turn on or off the entire group, the devices all respond accordingly. The same goes for the other groups. All the entities also show up in the Developer tools.

I cannot find anything relevant in the log either.

I’m assuming you’ve added them to their respective group but are you displaying that group or the individual light on the dashboard.


  view: yes
  icon: mdi:lightbulb
    - group.lights
    - scene.livingroom_dim
    - scene.livingroom_normal

or are you doing

  view: yes
  icon: mdi:lightbulb
    - light.thisisalight
    - light.thisisanotherlight
    - switch.mythirdlight

I am displaying the groups in the view as follows:

  view: yes
  icon: mdi:lightbulb
   - group.livingroom_lighting
   - group.kitchen_lighting
   - group.bedroom_lighting
   - group.bathroom_lighting
   - group.hallway_lighting
   - group.guestroom_lighting

And the livingroom group as an example:

  name: Living room
   - switch.fibaro_system_fgs212_switch_3kw_switch_38_0_2
   - light.fibaro_system_fgd212_dimmer_2_level_42_0
   - switch.fibaro_system_fgwpe_wall_plug_switch_41_0
   - light.brick_wall_accent

The configuration is identical to the config that was running fine on my raspberry, so I feel this must be related to the install somehow, or to Ubuntu compatibility, but it’s very difficult to troubleshoot as the logs don’t give any clues.

weird… sounds dumb but have you done a forced refresh from the browser? Your set up looks good.and should work AKAIK

Yeah, I have. No dice. Feels like I’ve hit a wall, so I’m hoping someone comes by who have experienced something similar!

Thanks for chiming in! :slight_smile:

I don’t know how you went about migrating systems, but I would check the States UI under the Developer Tools. If I had to guess, the names and/or numbers in the entity_ids of your Z-Wave devices changed.

EDIT: Scratch that, you can still control the devices so that’s probably not it…

Yeah, they are still the same. Plus this is also affecting several of my MQTT devices as well. Like you said, I can still control everything…

I just reinstalled home assistant and open zwave in a virtual environment according to this procedure, and the exact same problem remains. As before, the exact same devices appear and the exact same devices remain invisible, but controllable.

Your config looks good to me, so i’ll answer about using Ubuntu. I’ve been running HA in a virtualenv on a headless ubuntu 16.04 server with no problems and also ubuntu headless rpi3 in a virtualenv. Have had no issues with either systems.

Don’t know if this is a ubuntu quirk or the same on other systems, but sometimes after restarting hass it could take up to 10 minutes, sometimes longer, to get all items back in the front end. Not all the time though. A few days ago I moved to mysql for recorder and that seems to have stopped that behavior. Wouldn’t think that would solve that. Was on 0.39.3 when switched to mysqi and now 0.40.

I have finally identified the problem!

My issue was that I was using the custom slider UI to get a light dimmer slider on the front-end (not in the cards). This custom UI has some dependencies in a directory named “www” in your home assistant folder. During the migration, this folder was not copied over. It became apparent when I removed the customization section from my configuration file, as this is where those files are referenced, and it started working.

Thanks for helping out everyone! :slight_smile: