Devices similar to Sonoff POW for high amp equipment

Can somebody please recommend any devices similar to Sonoff POW that are safe to use with high amperage home equipment (washer, dryer, etc.)?

I am mainly looking to measure if the device is active at the moment, but less interested in functionality to switch it on/off.

My concern with Sonoff POW is that they are probably not safe to use with high power equipment:

Thank you!

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Thats an old article and the product has been fixed since then.

But anyway, do you know any devices rated for more than 16A?

It seems that some washers may draw up to 15A, so I am looking for something more capable, just to be on the safe side.

What would one look for on a Sonoff POW to know if it was safe to use? How does one know if one has an affected POW? Sonoff have super helpfully deleted the recall from their website.

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@brian_smith, did you ever work this out? I’m looking for something similar - a sonoff-like device that can handle a higher amperage at 240 volts. The closest thing I have found is a Sonoff TH16, which can do 240 volts at 16 Amps, however while I’ve seen an experiment on-line where the TH16 easily handles more than 16 Amps, I’d like a device that can accept something like 10 gauge (AWG) wire, commensurate with the higher amperage. The TH16 for example can’t handle wires that big.

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Did you ever figure this out @Skipjack ? I’m looking for exactly what you mentioned there. Any luck? Sorry to revive an old thread.


Why not use a Sonoff, or similar, to drive a high amperage relay that has a 240V coil?

Hi @mervmank. Yes I landed on a solution that has been working great for me. It’s the Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch, which uses Z-wave. I’ve been using three of them in my home automation setup for 11 months now, and haven’t had any issues at all. All are on 240 V systems, and handle up to 40 Amps. I integrate them into HA using the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5, which is a USB dongle that plugs into an always-on PC that runs my Home Assistant server (running on VirtualBox). The PC is two floors above the switches in a wood construction, and I’ve never had any issues with reception / connectivity to the switches. I really like these switches, because of all the stats (like voltage, amperage etc) that get reported back in to HA. I turn them on / off remotely via a dashboard and with automations, and I also use them as temperature sensors. I update my HA instance regularly, and I’ve never had a breaking change that impacted these. Works great. Hope that helps.

Shelly EM + contactor (teleruttore)->
for monitoring, control and management , prioritise loads

this solution exceed by far the power limit of relay in most devices !

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