Devices unavailable in HA but available in phoscon web

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I am switching from Raspbee on Rpi to Conbee2. I have setup docker image from marthoc on Synology with ports XXXX:80 and XXXX:443. Everything is ok and I can connect to phoscon web, VNC and even add Deconz integration in Hassio. All devices are online and working on Phoscon web. The problem is that all my devices are in “grey” Unavailable state in HA. If anybody have an idea I will appreciate it. Thanks

did you try removing and re-adding the integration? Are you still able to cobtrol the lights in Phoscon?

yes I have done this few times and even did a HA restart between. Its a strange issue. I have also whitelisted the port in synology firewall - just in case but no success

Are these all battery powered devices? Do some of them reappear after a while?

Just to close this, its working now. The problem was with port mapping. Thanks

I know this is an old thread, but I’m having similar issues (phoscon can control devices, HA says unavailable) and wondered if you could share what port mapping problem you picked up?

Hi. Basically you need to setup the deconz integration manually with the port you have included in docker setup. I am using different ports for example 6681,6682 and 6683.

Thanks! I’d already done this (was using port 81 due to having other items on port 80) and was all configured to forward these on from the host - still nothing.

Ended up reverting deCONZ back to default ports (80 & 443) and moving my other item to a different port - all good.

Thanks for the response - was curious if there was another issue.