Devolo 9357 aka MT02647

How to configure this device to get motion notifications to for example turn on light? I see it , I can read out the state, but I do not see notification. I use z wave js integration.

Thank you for your elaborate attempt to help. But, sorry to say, the question was, how to get the device to send notifications. For example my ABUS Sensors send notifications when an open event occurs. The devolo does flash red, but seems not send an event. Neither did i receive a notification in automation(! so far for your answer) nor in node red.
But may be someone around here has some experience with this specific device.

So you can write an automation that triggers on state change, and send a notification in that automation.

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Ah, ok. So instead of waiting for a notification i have to trigger on state change. Thank you, will give that a try

Nah, was not so successful. Found postings for other home automation software where poeple set configuration byte 5 and byte 7 to different values. tried them and was not successful either. it seems the device might be not working correctly. But before i dump it, it would be interesting, if anybody out there did manage to get the device working

ok, digging further into this mess, i learned, that the sensor does not set the motion dedect state back to off. node red neither does get a state change nor a repeating message with state:on . whenever i set the state back to off with the developer tools, i get a new message. so i end up with hass api calls to set the state back to off whenever the dedection is processed.