Devolo/Danfoss Radiator Thermostat weekly schedule

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the Devolo Home Control radiators have a built in scheduler. How can I set up HA to push pre-configured schedules to these devices (e.g ‘Holiday’, ‘Home Office Week’, ‘Default week’). I’m just getting started with HA and if somebody has a setup like this I’d love to see some configuration examples.

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I own the Danfoss thermostats myself.
I’m pretty sure that you can do that kind of stuff only with the Devolo/Danfoss zwave controller.
I haven’t even been able to set the right day/time in those thermostats.

I’m controlling my thermostats via groups of sliders (morning/day/evening/night) and switches (weekend/weekday, venting etc.) with automations attached to them.


After a little digging I now know that the required command classes are COMMAND_CLASS_CLOCK to read/set the internal clock and COMMAND_CLASS_CLIMATE_CONTROL_SCHEDULE for the schedule. I can see the classes in the zwcfg…xml. Setting these values seems to be possible from fhem [1].

With ozwcp I’m able to set the clock, but the schedule leaves me stumped…

[1] (german)

How did you set the clock?
When I got the thermostats, I tried with ozwcp and domoticz - both show the weekday and clock settings, but when I change and “save” them, they don’t seem to stick.
Is there a trick or does it just not work with the Danfoss version (like your link suggests)?

You’re right - It seems to be possible to set the schedule from fhem.
If I understand it correctly, fhem uses its own, Perl-based, zwave implementation?
Maybe we just need to wait until this feature is implemented in openzwave…


You’re right, only the time was updated but the weekday stayed on the old value…

More bug reports to check if this has been addressed somewhere

found it: … bummer!

Well, at least someone is working on it… :wink:
To me, it’s not a big deal that I can’t set the clock, because the correct time would only be needed for the schedule feature.
The thermostats do a weekly(?) self-calibration run (opening the valve completely and returning to the previous state) at a specific day/hour, but I don’t care when exactly this happens.